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Cooking Club -- 2019 Schedule of Events
The Gale Free Library Cooking Club started in the summer of 2014.  It began in response to patrons' requests for cooking and food-related programs.  We meet monthly and alternate between months where we each bring in a dish related to a certain ingredient or theme, and months where we invite special guests to give lectures and demonstrations on various topics.
Please note that this is an adult program. However, children ages 12+ are welcome to participate with adult supervision. 

March 12, 2019--6:30pm
Our Favorite "Back of the Box" Recipes

Nestle Toll House Cookies, Campbell’s Green Bean Casserole, Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats, Lipton’s Onion Soup Dip - - some of the best recipes aren't in cookbooks, magazines, or a chef's notebook, they're right in the aisles of the supermarket! For our next meeting, bring in your favorite appetizer, main dish or dessert that you’ve prepared using a recipe on the back of a box, can, package or container. Don’t forget a copy of your recipe to share!

Saturday, April 6, 2019-- 10:00am & 11:00am (2 sessions)
"Coffee Cupping" with Rob Fitzgibbon 

With the cold weather right around the corner, there’s nothing better than a great cup of hot coffee to fight off the chill! Join Essex local coffee aficionado Rob Fitzgibbon as he teaches the art of "Coffee Cupping," the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. You will be able to try out different, freshly brewed brands and learn how and why one brew’s body, flavor, and aftertaste differ from another, and what that also says about the region it’s from.

*There will be 2 sessions available (each session limited to 12 participants).*
*Please call 508-210-5569 to register.*

Program sponsored by the Friends of the Gale Free Library.

May 14, 2019 -- 6:30pm
Appetizers, Tapas and Canapes

There is so much to love about appetizers, tapas, and canapes-the variety, the fun and socialization often associated with them, the pairing with a perfect drink (just to name a few!). Many consider them the true stars of the meal! For this program, we invite you to bring one of your favorite hors d’oevres to share with others. Don’t forget a copy of the recipe! 

June 11, 2019 -- 6:00pm
Pasta Making with Chef Kim

Nothing says love like homemade pasta! Join Chef Kim Youkstetter as she demonstrates how easy it is to make fresh pasta at home. The class will cover both pasta and pierogi dough, as well as raviolis. Participants will have a chance to sample some fresh pasta, get different recipes and make some dough. Bring an apron as this class will be hands on! 

*Program is limited to 25 participants.*
*Please call 508-210-5569 to register (registration will begin on May 1st).* 

Program is sponsored by the Friends of the Gale Free Library.

July 9, 2019 -- 6:30pm
What's that Gadget? 

Back by popular demand, is our “What’s that Gadget”? program! Five years ago, we invited you to bring in a kitchen gadget- whether it is your favorite one that you wanted to show off, or maybe an unusual one that you weren’t sure how to use, so that others might be able to offer some tips. It was so much fun, that we wanted to do it again! Additionally, please bring in a dish that you’ve created using your gadget, or demonstrate how to use your gadget for the group (if you bring in a dish, don’t forget the recipe!)

August 13, 2019--6:00pm
"Boston Food Crawls"
with J.Q. Louise

Author J.Q. Louise will join us to discuss her new book, "Boston Food Crawls: Touring The Neighborhoods One Bite & Libation At A Time." Boston Food Crawls is an exciting culinary tour through this historic yet modern city. Every inch of Boston is covered, so no matter where you happen to be or what you are looking for- whether it is dim sum or late night pizza- Boston Food Crawls will find the perfect meal for you!

** Program is limited to 35 participants. **
** Please call 508-210-5569 to register (Registration begins July 1st) **

Program is sponsored by the Friends of the Gale Free Library.